Littérature générale


    Elliot Ackerman

    • Vintage usa
    • 15 Janvier 2018

    NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Washington Post NPR The Christian Science Monitor Military Times Vogue Bloomberg Haris Abadi, a wayward Arab American with a conflicted past, has finally found his purpose: he will cross into Syria and join the fight against Bashar al-Assads oppressive regime. But before he can get there, he is robbed and abandoned on the Turkish side of the border. Fortunately for Haris, he is picked up by Amir, a charismatic revolutionary turned refugee. Amirs wife, Daphne, is a beautiful, grief-stricken woman who shares Hariss longing to make it into Syria--but for altogether different reasons. As he grows closer to the couple who rescued him, Haris must confront his own motivations and ask himself what kind of man--radical or idealist, hero or coward--he truly is.