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A world on the brink of catastrophe. A two thousand year old mystery. A lost gospel. Seeking adventure, a young man flees the drudgery of shopkeeping in Tsarist Russia to make a new life among the bohemians and revolutionaries of 19th century Paris. Travelling undercover in the mountains of British India, he discovers a manuscript that transforms the world's understanding of the historical Jesus. Decades later, in a Europe threatened by unimaginable tragedy, he makes a despairing attempt to right a historic injustice. This breathtaking novel by the award-winning author of Far North and Strange Bodies tells the extraordinary tale of Nicolas Notovitch and his secret gospel. It is the epic story of a young man on the make in a turbulent world of spies and double-cross, propaganda and revolutionary violence, lost love and nascent anti-semitism -a world which eerily foreshadows our own era of post-truth politics. Based on real events, The Secret Books is at once a page-turning adventure and an examination of the stories that humans are willing to kill and die for.

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Marcel Théroux

Marcel Theroux est né en Afrique du Sud en 1968, il a grandi aux États-Unis et vit aujourd'hui en Angleterre. Il a déjà publié plusieurs romans des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, dont Au nord du monde (Plon, 2010 ; 10/18, 2011), sélectionné dans la shortlist du National Book Award 2010 et qui a remporté le Prix de l'Inaperçu 2011. Jeu de pistes, distingué par le Prix Somerset Maugham en Angleterre, est son deuxième roman traduit en France.