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B>“The Mick Jagger of literature . . . Amis is the most dazzling prose stylist in post-war British fiction.” b>—Mick Brown, The Daily Telegraph/b>br>br>“[A] charismatic compound of fact and fiction . . . Martin Amis has retained the power to surprise.” b>—Parul Sehgal, The New York Times/b>br>br>From one of the most highly acclaimed writers at work today: his most intimate and epic work yet--an autobiographical novel of sex and love, family and friendship./b>br>br>This novel had its birth in the death of Martin Amis''s closest friend, the incomparable Christopher Hitchens, and it is within that profound and sprawling friendship that Inside Story unfurls. From their early days as young magazine staffers in London, reviewing romantic entanglements and the latest literary gossip (not to mention ideas, books, and where to lunch), Hitch was Amis''s wingman and adviser, especially in the matter of the alluringly amoral Phoebe Phelps--an obsession Amis must somehow put behind him if he is ever to find love, marriage, a plausible run at happiness. br>br>Other figures competing as Amis''s main influencers are his literary fathers—Kingsley, of course; his hero Saul Bellow; the weirdly self-finessing poet Philip Larkin—and his significant literary mothers, including Iris Murdoch and Elizabeth Jane Howard. Moving among these greats to set his own path, Amis''s quest is a tender, witty exploration of the hardest questions: how to live, how to grieve, and how to die. In search of his answers, he surveys the horrors of the twentieth century, and the still-unfolding impact of the 9/11 attacks on the twenty-first--and considers what all of this has taught him about how to be a writer. br>br>The result is a love letter to life--and to the people in his life--that achieves a new level of confidentiality with his readers, giving us the previously unseen portrait of his extraordinary world.

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    Martin Amis

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    Vintage Usa

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Martin Amis

Martin Amis est né en 1949 à Oxford. Journaliste au Times Literary Supplement, puis responsable du supplément littéraire du New Statesman entre 1977 et 1979, il a ensuite écrit pour The Observer. Romancier sulfureux, passé maître dans l'art de questionner notre morale et les excès de l'Occident, surnommé « l'enfant terrible des lettres anglaises », Martin Amis a été désigné en 2008 par le Times comme étant « l'un des plus grands auteurs britanniques depuis 1945 ». Ses romans Le Dossier Rachel et London Fields ont été adaptés au cinéma et La Zone d'intérêt a obtenu le Prix du meilleur livre étranger en 2015.