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Could you sacrifice one of your children to save the other?

'A gripping crime narrative which blends so seamlessly with emotional family drama' - Erin Kelly

An unbearable decision

Held up at gunpoint by two vicious killers, Christina Hardwicke is ordered to make an unthinkable choice - between the life of her daughter or her son.

An unsuspecting family

When the Hardwicke family set off on a holiday to the Scottish Highlands, the last thing they expected was to be confronted by a deadly couple on a killing spree.

A nightmare come to life

Tailed closely by Detective Saul Anguish, the damaged pair have committed a string of ruthless killings across the country, all leading to this moment.

Will the detective be able to reach the Hardwicke family before catastrophe strikes?

Everyone is talking about All Of Us Are Broken:

'Breathtakingly good' - Daily Mail

'Beautifully written' - Sunday Express

'Action-packed and brimming with atmosphere' - i

'This thriller has it all' - T. M. Logan

'Savage, heartbreaking, beautiful and chilling' - Chris Whitaker

Readers can't get enough of All Of Us Are Broken:

'This book had me in tears, swearing at my kindle and holding my breath. It is that good'

'An excellent, tense, pacy thriller that left me speechless'

'I've read some dark thrillers in my time but woah, this takes it to another level!'

'Dark, gritty, and at times incredibly moving'

'Gripping and gruesome'

'Beautifully plotted, breathtakingly twisted and absolutely spot on in its emotional resonance. I absolutely loved it'

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