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'THE ENCHANTED wrapped its beautiful and terrible fingers around me from the first page and refused to let go after the last. A wondrous book... so dark, yet so exquisite.' Erin Morgentern, author of The Night Circus A prisoner sits on death row in a maximum security prison. His only escape from his harsh existence is through the words he dreams about, the world he conjures around him using the power of language. For the reality of his world is brutal and stark. He is not named, nor do we know his crime. But he listens. He listens to the story of York, the prisoner in the cell next to him whose execution date has been set. He hears the lady, an investigator who is piecing together York's past. He watches as the lady falls in love with the priest and wonders if love is still possible here. He sees the corruption and the danger as tensions in 'this enchanted place' build. And he waits. Because every monster was once a child, and even monsters have a story . . . A powerful and hauntingly beautiful novel for fans of THE GREEN MILE and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

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Rene Denfeld

Rene Denfeld est auteure, journaliste et enquêtrice spécialisée dans les peines de mort. Elle a collaboré à The New York Times Magazine, The Oregonian et The Philadelphia Inquirer.
En ce lieu enchanté est le premier roman de cette auteure déjà primée et reconnue aux États-Unis pour ses ouvrages de non-fiction. Rene Denfeld vit à Portland dans l'Oregon.